Dairy Trust

Dairy Trust limited was a start up company looking to supply whole milk powder to global export markets. Apollo Projects Ltd was engaged to design and construct all of the services and infrastructure supplying the turn key plant.

This included a I 4MW coal fired boiler with 52m tall exhaust stack and a baghouse to reduce emissions to a negligible level as well as a coal handling facility.The water and waste systems were also designed and constructed for the site which included a I million litre water tank, an 800,000 litre tradewaste tank plus all associated chemical dosing and control equipment.

Stormwater and clean waste water was dealt with by designing and construtcting a Stormwater detention pond and ocean outfall.

Apollo were also responsible for all other supporting works including security systems and fencing, roading and parking on the site as well as process monitoring which allowed for minimal operator involvement and the monitoring of the entire site from the control room.

Power supply lines and transformers were designed and installed to supply the whole site in addition to negotiating the power and water supply contracts.

The project had a very tight fixed deadline which was met in spite of very trying weather conditions and production commenced as planned in August 2008.