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Sorted Logistics
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Apollo Projects’ trusted expertise has seen many of our clients return - again and again – with new projects. This has certainly been the case with major freight, warehousing and transport company, Sorted Logistics.

We had recently finished designing and building Sorted Logistics’ award-winning 24,093m2 warehouse in Christchurch, but the time had also come to upgrade its Auckland base. Business was increasing, and the company needed a larger logistics centre to keep pace with its growth.

We worked with Sorted’s team to develop an intelligent, robust design for their new warehouse, featuring pre-cast panel walls that are up to 15m high to protect it from fire risks; cladding on the roof and walls; and LED lighting inside and out. The design ensures that the facility has a four-hour fire rating.

Pandemic pressures didn’t go unfelt during this project. In August 2021, a government lockdown dictated that the site close immediately. We were, however, excited to learn only one day later that we could return to work, as we had been deemed an essential service.

Sorted Logistics was further protected from the fallout of COVID-19 disruptions, thanks to our planning and ability to lock in construction materials early in the building process.

While many other construction projects around Aotearoa were dramatically affected by COVID at this time, we were able to deliver Sorted Logistics’ new warehouse on time. An incredible feat in such an uncertain environment.

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