Wairau River Wines

Wairau River Wines
Extensions & Refurbishments
Winery & Beverage

In August 2001 Apollo Projects was commissioned by Wairau River Wines to design and build a 1,600m² winery with associated plant services in Rapaura Road, Marlborough ready for the 2002 harvest. Since the initial project, the winery has expanded with the addition of a 500m² finished wine store in late 2002, a bottling hall and canopy area in 2004, and an additional 700m² of winery processing area in 2007/08. In 2014 Wairau again engaged Apollo to install six 160,000 litre wine tanks in preparation for the 2015 vintage. This included the pouring of the tank slab, upgrading the plant room to accommodate the new tanks and connection to existing services.

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