Building Communities

Giving back to the communities we live and work in.

"The impact of your support extends far beyond the court. It has brought our team members closer together, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie that is truly invaluable. It also allowed us to seek extra coaching prior to attending Nationals, which made our team feel more prepared and united to succeed together." - Huntly College 3x3 Basketball Team

Apollo Projects takes immense pride in making a positive impact on the communities that we live and work in - we call it our Building Communities pillar. Our projects are delivered in all corners of New Zealand - many of which are delivered in smaller communities where access to sports opportunities and facilities may be limited. We know that with the delivery of our projects, we contribute to the local economy through employment and construction spend. Once our projects are completed, they are often a source of new employment and, at times, are the cornerstone of the local economy. 

Further to this, Apollo is determined to make even more impact on these communities and do so through the following initiatives;

School Sport Donations

Under this programme, Apollo Projects provides financial support directly to students from schools in lower socio-economic communities to cover the costs of competing in sports activities. In partnership with Waddell+Associates students from supported schools can apply for grants to pay fees, buy sports equipment or cover the costs of travelling to and attending events. This programme has had a significant impact on many young people's lives and encourages them to stay in sports longer. There is strong evidence that shows the longer young people stay involved in playing sports the more likely they are to stay in school longer and make better life choices. The programme has been a huge success and the positive feedback from parents, teachers and students is unbelievable.

Check out the video below to hear from our directors Paul Lloyd, and Rob Waddell on how this programme is helping our communities. 

Principal Sponsor Swimming New Zealand 

In recent years Apollo has been the principal sponsor of Swimming New Zealand. Through this partnership, Apollo can give back to the organisations that help grow the sport and allow our swimmers to compete to the best of their abilities. Through Apollo’s expertise in the delivery of high-class aquatic facilities, the next generation of New Zealand is now taking to the water and we are doing our best to ensure they can compete to the highest level.

Water Safety Lessons Across Aotearoa 

For the past three years, Apollo Projects has donated free water safety lessons to kids across Aotearoa whose families may not have the financial means to pay for lessons. With more than 2500 free lessons given, we are motivated to see this number grow. Through this initiative, when Apollo builds a new, or upgrades an existing aquatic facility, we are not only providing communities with long-lasting assets, but we are also providing opportunities for members of the community to gain life-saving skills through water safety lessons.

Full Bellies Charitable Trust

Full Bellies was established in 2022 by a family who are passionate about giving back to the community. They started the charity making lunches in their home for 60 children. Today, Full Bellies has a commercial kitchen and provides over 730 lunches a week, to children at 11 schools throughout Christchurch. Every fortnight, our Christchurch office team members are encouraged to contribute by preparing food items that can be used in these lunches. 

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