Health & Safety

Safety at every step in the way we do business.

Our approach to health & safety is to firmly embed it in every stage of a project, from design right through to you and your people using your new building.

It’s about creating safe environments, protecting our people and ultimately, designing healthy facilities that work for you.

To do this, we carry out specialist ‘Safety in Design’ workshops at the beginning of every project, where we identify potential hazards. We then ensure design choices are made that protect the safety of not just ourselves and our contractors, but the people who will be working in the finished facility.

On-site, it is our belief that safety is everyone’s responsibility, and this drives our culture. We believe in fostering safety leaders by empowering our team and contractors to take ownership of their safety and the safety of those around them. We do this with a structured approach to health & safety, by carrying out specific risk assessments and hazard identification processes.

We manage health & safety throughout the project and keep you up-to-date of all activities and processes used to manage safety on-site. It’s a way of working that provides you peace of mind.

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