Wither Hills

Wither Hills
April 2021
Winery & Beverage
Extensions & Refurbishments

In 2008, Wither Hills Winery engaged Apollo Projects to manage all aspects of an ongoing expansion programme, expanding their capacity from 6,000 to 15,000 tonnes. Over the next 13 years, numerous projects, and a few glasses of wine, Apollo and Wither Hills developed a special relationship.

Apollo is proud to have delivered not only the expansion programme, but a number of earthquake repair and seismic strengthening projects for Wither Hills.

Apollo provided design and build services of various areas, allowing for reorganisation to prepare for the main expansion project. This included the installation of a new effluent treatment plant for 15,000 tonne capacity. The existing lab, tasting area, and winery offices were all extended, along with completing landscaping, parking, and new roading. After building a new receivals and press bay, Apollo relocated all the receivals and press plant to the new location. Seismic and strengthening work has been completed for all tanks, catwalks, the exterior tank farm, the restaurant, and front of house. The existing cool store was demolished and rebuilt with a new cool store that includes a kitchen and wine and beer storage.

At every stage of Apollo’s work with Wither Hills, programming considered the timeframes of harvest.


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