Extensions & Refurbishments

Apollo has considerable experience working within existing facility upgrades, extensions or strengthening programmes.

Our ability to successfully undertake construction works while maintaining operations - and in the case of food processing facilities, food grade hygiene standards - is incredibly unique.

Over the years we have taken learnings from each project and implemented them on the next. The result is robust systems and processes which ensure safety, quality and costs are well-managed - which gives clients the trust and certainty they need.

Scoping work within existing facilities is often challenging, often resulting in programme and cost overruns. Apollo's systems and vast experience mitigates this risk for the client. Contrary to industry norms, trust and certainty is exactly what a client can expect from us - particularly when managing Health & Safety and ensuring minimal disruption to existing operations.

We have worked for some of New Zealand's largest corporate companies in some of the most challenging environments including Fonterra, George Weston Foods, Wither Hills, Meadowfresh, Kiwicare, Lion Co., Sanford, Tegel and more. All of these projects required a level of hygiene standard and the need to ensure existing operations were largely uninterrupted.

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