Xtend-Life Nutraceutical Facility

Xtend-Life Nutraceutical Facility
March 2013
Retail, Commercial & Industrial

When the time came for Xtend-Life Natural Products to replace their earthquake-damaged factory, Apollo Projects was at the ready to deliver an impressive new build.

The nutraceutical manufacturing company’s building had been damaged during the Canterbury earthquakes, and they needed a new head office and production facility to continue making their food-sourced health and wellbeing products.

Xtend-Life Natural Products approached us in 2012 to design and build the 1,810m² facility. The key objective was to optimise the efficiency of the production areas, and create clear, safe workflows to reduce unnecessary product movements.

A crucial component of the building’s design was ensuring high levels of hygiene. This was achieved through several design elements. The first consideration was the food. Nutraceutical products are derived from food sources, and the facility would need to meet food safety standards. This meant designing and building production rooms and storage features to prevent cross-contamination and reduce the chance of harmful bacteria growing in gaps or cavities.

The second consideration was health standards, especially for the United States market. Medical or health-related products often need to be made in a pressurised environment to ensure they are clean and sterile. For Xtend-Life we built positive pressure rooms, which maintain a higher pressure than outside, allowing air to leave the room without circulating back in. The rooms are insulated with Kingspan PIR panelling.

The final touch to this stunning building was an architecturally designed office, client and staff area. The space is bathed in natural light from a wall of windows, which provides not only visual appeal and warmth, but supports the building’s energy efficiency.

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