Yealand's Estate

Yealand's Estate
Winery & Beverage

The client brief for this 10,000 tonne greenfield winery was to create a world class facility in terms of efficiency and environmental design that has minimal impact on both the surrounding and national environment without compromising on functionality or aesthetics.

The design and build delivery included two highly insulated 2,400m² production halls constructed from Kingspan firesafe insulated panel creating an airtight, highly efficient environment for the winery operations.

The central concourse houses the winery energy centre including a high level power and energy monitoring system to enable detailed management of all areas of energy consumption. The large receival area and winery “throat” have been designed to accommodate the shorter Awatere vintage. A treatment system allows reuse of all winery wastewater onto the vineyard.

The office and amenities incorporated natural light, highly efficient air conditioning, solar water heating and the extensive use of timber from renewable resources.

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