Casual and Country

Casual and Country
Retail, Commercial & Industrial

Apollo were engaged to work with the client’s architect to achieve a design that met budget while still meeting the client’s vision of style, function and quality. The facility includes 4 retail tenancies; a warehouse, a large showroom, a café, bar & restaurant and a customer car park.

Apollo was responsible for full project delivery, including design and construction. The client was responsible for the design and fit out of the café, bar & restaurant. There were a number of design innovations starting with the foundation design as the ground was TC3 – this involved a hybrid rib raft floor that would allow the building to easily be re-levelled. The Kingspan insulated roof & cladding was specifically selected to enhance thermal performance. Changing the exposed internal Kingspan roof colour to black in the café, bar & restaurant and showroom areas, and ensuring all fixtures in the ceiling areas were also painted black, produced a very clean uncluttered look that formed the perfect backdrop for feature lighting. The use of oiled Macrocarpa for the pergola posts around the walkways and café courtyards softened the look of the building and contrasted perfectly with the dark cladding.

Client relationships is one of Apollo’s key values. This project saw Apollo and the client working very closely on design. The client was very passionate about the build and was on site every day and for all intents and purposes became part of the site team. We really enjoyed this level of input and thoroughly enjoyed working so closely with the client.

The project has met, if not exceeded, the client’s expectations. The look and style of the building is friendly and inviting and presents a refreshing architectural design that is a delicate mix of traditional and contemporary.


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