Ngai Tahu Seafood

Ngai Tahu Seafood
Food Processing

Apollo was the lead design & build contractor on the new purpose-built seafood processing facility for Ngāi Tahu Seafood Products Ltd located in Bluff. The plant is used for the processing of live lobsters, paua, oysters and blue cod and contains a number of food-grade specialist processing areas as well as an office area and staff amenities.

Apollo was responsible for full project delivery including design and construction. Equipment within the facility includes a purpose built oyster opening table which can cater from one to fourteen oyster openers at any one time. Design innovations include running the services within the ceiling space to ensure a clean environment within the processing areas, using 316 stainless steel panel walls around the live lobster swim room and installing viewing windows between the public area and the processing area.

The construction component of which includes tendering sub-trades, construction methodology and programming, consents and compliance, full Health & Safety management, and onsite organisation and coordination of all subcontractors.

Client relationships is one of Apollo’s key values. This project germinated over seven years and Apollo has worked with Ngāi Tahu in an ongoing capacity, to add value to the design process and produce a facility of the highest quality. Despite the extended relationship, the final decision was driven by a need to vacate an existing facility. The eight month construction programme was ambitious in the best environment, however in Bluff it was a challenge that was not under-estimated. Despite the environmental challenges the programme and budget were both met and production performance is better than ever.

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