Cold Storage

Apollo Projects can deliver everything you need for your cold storage facility, whether you’re in the business of dairy, produce, or anything in between.

Bulk storage and inventory control systems are always evolving, and having the right setup for your cold storage facility is crucial. We look at your inventory systems and use them to guide what will work best for you. This ensures your facility not only stores your products the right way, but that it ties in with the way you manage your inventory.

Keeping things at the right temperature means having the right insulation. We carefully select insulation that will work for you, ensuring it’s cost-effective, meets fire safety requirements, is easy to install, and meets both high-temperature resistance and water retention needs.

From concept to construction, our highly skilled team will develop a system for your cold storage facility that best captures the lifecycle of your products. You can expect us to:

  • Manage resource and building consent applications
  • Develop structural and thermal building designs
  • Identify the right flow design of storage and racking systems
  • Design inward and outward product logistics
  • Install electrical and fire protection systems
  • Manage both the project and construction phases

Whatever your needs, Apollo Projects can work with you to design and build a cold storage facility you can be proud of.

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