Escarpment Winery

Winery & Beverage

It’s always a delight creating impressive, modern buildings for wineries, and the Escarpment expansion was no exception. The Martinborough-based winemakers wanted to grow their boutique business, and called on Apollo to make it happen.

With business going from strength to strength, Escarpment needed a new winery and dedicated office space to keep pace with demand. We listened to the team’s needs and designed a building that would not only allow customers to finally come on site and visit the winery, but ensure the company could continue growing in the years ahead. Importantly, Escarpment wanted to retain its boutique, family-orientated character, and this was a key consideration in our designs.

Previously, Escarpment had used a shared wine tasting venue in Martinborough to meet customers. An important feature of the expansion project was to create a welcoming space for visitors to try Escarpment’s vintages and interact with the business on site.

We designed and built a dedicated office and customer-service space that connects seamlessly to the winery. It features eye-catching cedar cladding which is further enhanced by a weatherboard finish, around the building’s precast concrete panels.

On the wine production side of things, Escarpment had bought six new wine fermenters which, until this project, had to be moved and put away in a shed during the off season. Through our work, we were able to install the tanks in a fixed position, and ensure any new additions to the winery could be added as the business grew.

New catwalks and service connections throughout the facility helped create flow and easy access around the property. To top it off, the new building has created environmental benefits. With greater water harvesting capacity on the roof, Escarpment is less reliant on its bores.

Apollo was incredibly pleased to deliver the upgrades in time for Escarpment’s next harvest, and for  customers to begin experiencing the company’s new, modern winery.

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