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Whether you’re building a boutique retail village, a multi-level high rise office or anything in between, make a statement with a modern and efficient building from Apollo Projects.

We’ve delivered many retail, commercial and industrial facilities across Aotearoa and know that smart facility design is a big factor in delivering your project on time and to budget.

We carefully plan what your land and building will need, and work with you to come up with the right solution for your project. Your floor structure, lighting and electrical, storage designs, and fire safety needs are all unique, and our experienced team can identify what will and won’t work before construction even starts.

For example, we’ll talk to you about the way vehicles will access and manoeuvre around your building, how any external yards should operate, and what stormwater or wastewater treatment systems you may need.

Sustainable design and construction are important considerations for many new projects. Our experts can develop a tailored sustainable design for you that creates long-term efficiencies for your office, retail space, or industrial area. Things like natural lighting, sustainable building materials and efficient heating and cooling solutions are key to creating energy savings and reducing our impact on our environment.

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