Retail, Commercial & Industrial

Apollo has the proven expertise and resources to deliver a wide range of technically demanding projects across the retail and commercial office markets - from a boutique retail village to a multi-level high-rise office complex.

Apollo has a proven track record of successful warehouse, logistics and office project delivery - we know there are a number of ways in which smart design and construction can contribute to considerable time and cost savings for you, the client.

Apollo's focus is on maximising the project's return for you through targeted land and facilities planning. We look at better and smarter ways to design floor slabs relative to loads and trafficability, lighting and electrical patterns subject to warehouse activity, racking designs, fire cells and fire separations.

Overall site efficiency is key, so efficient design requires intelligent thinking around canopy and door loading requirements, truck and car maneuvering routes, external yard designs and effective stormwater/effluent treatments which can capitalise on regulatory landscape requirements. If your brief also includes an office, we appreciate the importance of the balance between natural light and sun glare, architectural presence and energy efficiency materials and operating systems.

Tapping into Apollo's experience in a range of warehouse projects gives you access to intelligent and practical advice that will contribute to efficient fit-for-purpose design, with reduced ongoing operating expenses.

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