Sorted Logistics Stage 3 – Warehouse & Office Facility

Sorted Logistics
January 2019

Apollo Projects has completed Stage 3 of the Sorted Logistics development in Waterloo Business Park in Christchurch providing another 6,823m² warehouse and office facility. This now brings the total area built for Sorted Logistics to 18,223m² with a further 5,870m² being planned in Stage 4 will cap the total area at 24,093m² that Apollo have provided for Sorted Logistics.

Stage 3 was also completed under a new approach with both Sorted Logistics and Apollo forming a joint venture to purchase the land and construct the building – this approach was so successful that Stage 4 is being developed under the same approach.

The build was split into three stages, Stage 1 being the warehouse, Stage 2 the office and Stage 3 the yard slabs. The Warehouse stage consists of one large open area with racking to one third of the floor area. Stage 2 was the two storey office to the north eastern corner of the warehouse, the office building incorporated a fully working commercial kitchen, cafeteria, toilets, locker rooms, training room, kitchenette, server room and a library. The final stage of the build was the yard slabs which wrapped fully around the building, this was carefully programmed to allow early access for Sorted to start bringing their stock in from another facility where the lease had expired.

Like the previous stages we also had the challenge of existing services in the old Waterloo Road which included the central South Island’s copper communications network. These services were identified and marked early in the build and due to their depth did not cause any real major concern.

The commercial kitchen has been incorporated into this stage to provide Sorted the opportunity to offer their employees, which will now reach over a hundred, a wholesome meal. The library was a result of Sorted requesting a break out room that their employees could use as a quiet room when the need arise. This library has been constructed with full height book shelves on one wall and fitted out with leather couches.

The total project was handed over to Sorted on time allowing them to stock the shelves and fire up the ovens.

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