Work for Apollo

Having fun and building unique stories.

When Craig Waghorn and Paul Lloyd started Apollo Projects in 2001, the first thing they said was ‘We’re going to have fun’. Having had their own fair share of uninspiring work experiences, Craig and Paul were determined to make Apollo different.

‘Having Fun and Building Unique Stories’ is our core company value, and we live and breathe this every day.

The key to Apollo’s success is our people. We employ on personality and experience, and train the skills. We put a lot of effort into finding the right people, and making sure they fit our culture. We look for prospective employees who are motivated, loyal, trustworthy, proactive – and most importantly, can laugh at themselves.

By having the right people with the right attitude, we have a business that is incredibly strong. Our company culture is entirely unique and full of laughter and fun, both in and out of the workplace.

We’ve never been motivated by financial success; our company goal is to have 1000 unique stories by 2027.

Join Apollo and become part of the story.

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