The Romano's Food Group factory is now back to full production!

More than 10 million pizzas and bases will be produced annually by Romano’s Food Group now their new Christchurch factory has been completed by Apollo Projects.

After 50 years in operation, the original pizza factory was destroyed in an electrical fire in April last year. It has been a great honour to bring Romano’s back to full production in a modern, food processing facility on the same Hillsborough site.

From the moment Apollo Projects started on the initial design plans in September 2021, working with the team at the Laura Kirkpatrick Family Trust was fantastic. Romano's placed absolute trust in Apollo Projects, enabling the project to run seamlessly from start to finish.

The new 299m² office and 2365m² factory features Kingspan insulated and precast concrete panelling, as well as a COLORSTEEL® roof and wall cladding. To meet the project’s special food quality control requirements, the food processing operation needed to flow through the building and the manager needed to be able to view the topping operation area from their office. This was achieved by tailoring the design layout, so the location of the manager’s office was adjacent to the most crucial section of the production line, and a window was included to provide uninterrupted viewing.

Despite challenges along the way, that included COVID-19, supply issues, consent delays, and ground contamination work due to the fire, the build was on time, and delivered within the client’s budget, ready for opening on 10 October 2022.

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