Safety Above All Else

At this unprecedented time in New Zealand’s history, we are facing new challenges and changes every day.

In our 19-year history, Apollo has viewed challenges and changes as opportunities to grow and learn. On the road so far, we’ve built an incredible company with amazing staff, clients, and projects. As we’ve grown, we’ve established a few core values that guide us every day. One of those values is Safety Above All Else.

This value is guiding us now as we adjust our day-to-day lives in following the government and Ministry of Health directives in response to COVID-19. Our team quickly adapted to new ways of working – trading the board room for home offices and after work wines for virtual happy hours. We are so proud of how well they’ve rolled with these unexpected punches.

While most of our on-site work was paused during the lockdown, a couple of our current projects were confirmed as Essential Services. So, if you’ve seen some of our Apollo vehicles around over the last few weeks, you know why.

In order to continue working on these Essential Service projects at Level 4, certain health, hygiene, and safety measures have been put in place to protect everyone on site.

Some of these measures include the following:

  • Only essential personnel are allowed on site – and must be approved by the Apollo Projects site team.
  • Travel is limited to comply with lockdown restrictions.
  • Everyone on site must abide by health and hygiene rules such as washing hands upon arrival, sanitising hands after signing in, and washing hands regularly throughout the day.
  • Only healthy people are permitted. Temperature checks and COVID-19 questionnaires are completed before being allowed on site.
  • Physical Distancing is required on site.
  • Face masks and other PPE is provided and required to be worn.
  • Apollo provide regular cleaning and sanitising on-site, including regularly disinfecting frequently touched surfaces

As we move into Level 3, worksites for projects that aren’t classified as Essential Services can reopen and will be introduced to the safety measures we’ve stuck to while operating at Level 4.

Another of Apollo’s key values is Have Fun and Build Unique Stories. While we know this time offers unique challenges, it will also give us unique stories that we will continue to share for years to come.

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