Golden Bay Fruit – in progress

Golden Bay Fruit engaged with Apollo Projects for the design and construction of their new facility in early 2017. Located in Motueka the project started construction in early 2018. The project is a 3-stage process with stage 1 having a Gross Floor Area of 17,500m² and with stage 2 and 3 completed it will be 22,000m² which includes an additional 8 coolstores and a drive-through canopy.

One of the key reasons Golden Bay chose Apollo to complete their new facility was due to the understanding of the importance this facility has to their brand – this is not just a pack house and cool storage facility.

A large reinforced concrete mezzanine was designed for the Packhouse to suit the automated packaging plant alongside various types of reinforced concrete floors dependent on load, use and requirement for flatness/level accuracy. Also incorporated in the design are Kingspan fire-safe insulated panels for the cool store and pack house which is due to consideration for future additional cool stores.

Part of Apollo’s role has been to incorporate the automated apple sorting and packaging machine including all required services such as compressed air, power, water, data and drainage. Apollo will also manage the packing line installation.